Why Google wants you to ditch your smartphone for its Pixel Phone
By WGSN Insider

The new Google Pixel phone is here and we got the chance to try it out first. WGSN’s Nicole McLennan reports.

Oct 24, 2016

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Earlier this month Google announced that its new smartphone was coming, this created a substantial buzz on the Internet and social media, and now, it’s finally on sale. To celebrate the launch, the Google Head office in London held an exclusive #madebygoogle event to unveil the phone and outline its benefits to a room full of key influencers.


I went down to the event and got the lowdown on what makes this handset a possible smartphone game changer.

On arrival, guests were treated to an Immersive Train Ride. The 10-second train journey allowed guests to immerse themselves in their favourite genre of music, enjoyed through individual headphones. This immersive experience kept anticipated guests entertained as they travelled to their next stop – Personalised Illustration booths. In these booths, guests were able to create branded graphics and illustrations that could be scanned, then printed on to stickers and/or emailed to them for future use. This experience provided the ultimate arena for elevated branding and personalisation. Then it was on to the Infinity Room, consisting solely of mirrors. Everywhere.


The infinity room represented the unlimited amount of storage the phone has and taking selfies in this room was encouraged. The room presented the perfect segway into showing us the star product first hand, The Pixel Phone or as Google calls it  ‘putting the magic of Google in your hands.’


Through live demonstrations we got to see the phone in action. I tried out all of the features including Google Assistant, email and the high definitions camera quality. My verdict: The Pixel Phone by Google poses the best features from Google Assistant built-in to the highest rated smart phone camera pixel – Ever! Not to mention, unlimited storage for photos / videos and a battery life that will survive all day events. For those of us in fashion and the media, that’s the key game changer to know that you can spend the day emailing about a design, or capturing images all day from the front row, without seeing that dreaded battery low sign. And if you are not in fashion, unlimited phone storage is still a key attribute that nearly all consumers want from their phone. It might seem simple, but it’s these attributes that Gen Z who are permanently attached to their phones crave the most. The price point is also similar to an Apple iPhone, presenting real competition.

That said the smartphone world is dominated by key players, and it will take time to see the impact of this innovative Google phone, that has put a focus on A-I, at the front and centre of design.

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Photography credit: Chris Morgan



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