Going GaGa

Do you have any idea how much I love this woman?

(Let’s see…she’s from New York for starters…and rather than like winning a reality show, she actually got her start by playing loads of divey bars on the Lower East Side. Like the Scissor Sisters before her, she’s taken glammy, trashy New York club pop and generated a huge buzz in Europe – a buzz which has now bounced back to the States. She’s only 22 but regularly and sincerely name checks cool influences from well before her time – influences like Grace Jones and The Factory. Her sincerity is key. These aren’t names that have been spoon-fed to her for dropping into interviews – she’s living and breathing this stuff. Ask most 22-year-old pop stars who their influences are and see what sort of lame answers you get. Clearly this is not your mother’s Aguilera. She’s also really into fashion and loves underground darlings – and Stylesightings faves – like Gareth Pugh and Martin Margiela. Her music though is unapologetic POP, which I really love her for. She manages to make the mainstream more interesting while reminding the cool kids that it’s okay to dance. Forget the Gwen comparisons – she’s the new Madonna. xx eddie)

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  • i agree with you Eddie…she will be the catalyst of a new pop and fashion merge…Rihanna cannot take it to the limits that Gaga has, which is bringing Euro influence and dexterity!

  • Denise

    Eh, she had potential but I honestly don’t think she is that unique

  • I get to see her tonight in concert!!! So excited!

  • The song is great and I love the grey gloves in there. By the way, is that Chace Crawford in the part where she looks like a Playboy bunny?

  • I love the song and her grey gloves. By the way, do you know if that’s Chace Crawford in the part where they’re on the bed?

  • That is Chace Crawford yes.

  • Moe

    I have to disagree- Lady GaGA is no Madonna! Not even close. Yeah, she’s got the whole Euro-techno/dance thing down but her voice isn’t that unique or ordinary or great. It’ the sick beats and great cinemotagraphy that sells. She might, though, pull a Kylie- move to Europe and become big there.

  • That actually isn’t Chace Crawford. Just someone who looks dangerously similar. This guy has much darker features.

  • Anonymous

    shit sux. 😀 sounds
    anything other pop
    star with a sucky
    electronica beat.

  • Suck – no.
    Amazing – yes.

  • marta

    She is great, but it will take many many years to find another Madonna, that woman rocks, even now.

  • This looks like if the queen of a very weird planet landed in some mansion in Beverly Hills…I’m not a fan of the space-girl look…and I don’t think it matches with the dogs she’s got by the pool (?)…I know videos aren`t supposed to make sense or anything..but it seems she’s trying too hard by putting together elements that don’t match…The song is very cool though!!!

  • I’m actually not that much into this video either – I decided to post it mostly because it was her latest thing.
    I am however really into the song and her in general. The “Just Dance” video on the other hand is one of the best videos of the year!

  • Samantha

    She’s terribly corny. I don’t understand her appeal AT ALL. I’d be surprised if she even was around in five years.

  • Claire Lauriault

    I agree with eddie, she’s raw talent. I am going to her live in montreal end of march, let you know how underground she really is.

  • OOO

    Oh bloody hell if a person can listen to her whole album in one sitting i’ll eat my hat.

  • yeahyah

    Lady Gaga is classically trained and schooled (Juliard & Tisch/NYU, yeah i know she didn’t finish) i only mention it b/c she’s got the real world street smarts of starting out in seedy clubs combined with an art school education. i just wish she’d take it up a notch lyrically…

    and come on, she definitely generates more interesting discussions than any of the pop tartlets before her (madonna being excluded b/c she’s the mother-ship, not the clones like britney, christina aguilera, or gwen)

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