Get to know Endource: the website disrupting the fashion retail industry
By Carlene Thomas Bailey

This new shopping site wants to be the one-stop shop for all your fashion needs. WGSN reports.

Mar 24, 2016

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Remember if you can, a time when instead of logging on to the Expedia website or, we used to walk into a travel agency, sit down and book a flight. It’s fair to say that the travel industry was radically changed by e-commerce, and according to Troy Collins, Founder and CEO of the fashion website Endource, fashion is heading the same way.

How does he know? Collins is no stranger to running an e-commerce site. With two start-ups under his belt, Deal Checker and the hugely successful Secret Escapes, adding another, new e-commerce start up makes sense. Except that along the way he switched travel for womenswear with Endource his latest venture.

Here’s three reasons this website is one to watch:


wgsn_fashion-fashion-ecommerce-Endource Image 1

Endource celebrates magazine editors as key Influencers (and uses their reviews to help shoppers make more informed buying decisions.)

The workforce behind Endource scours the leading glossy magazines and weekend supplements to pull reviews from magazine editors, and key influential fashion bloggers to pick out ‘ the most desirable products’ recommended by these fashion industry insiders. The site hopes that if you’re deliberating about that skirt, on Endource you’ll find the personal editor recommendation that appeared in one of magazines to help you be more inclined to buy.

You get a curated, personalised offering of all the latest fashion on site.

When you sign up for the site and start buying, Endource starts to curate and adapt to your buying habits. But this doesn’t just mean giving you the three brands you like, based on what you’ve bought before, it means matching the cluster of magazines to the style profile of the shopper. So you, as the shopper gets to see rising star brands, the classic ones you’ve already bought and anything similar. You can also search influencers and magazine titles by name.

wgsn_fashion-ecommerce-Endource Image 2 wgsn_ecommerce-endource-desktop profile1

The universal shopping cart searches other retail websites for you, to track down the key item in your size.

Thanks to a universal cart that searches multiple fashion retailers, it will find any product, then let you shop it from Endource, better yet you can find the item in your size and the best price in your size.

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Get to know Endource: the website disrupting the fashion retail industry

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Apr 02nd, 2016

The idea of seeing rising stars is key. The other features, key word sweep of other sites, personalized searches aren’t new. I’m curious to see which rising stars they continue to source. I didn’t see many on the website but it’s early yet. I wish them well in a very tough market. Prices are actually quite good (compared to topshop) and are in line with other sites. One quip: the models are very much on the light side.

Apr 01st, 2016


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