Generation Z: Websites are boring – social media is everything


App-solutely: For Gen Z, mobile apps like Snapchat are the preferred content source / Snapchat

Being a teenager, I’m on my iPhone every second I can be and when on my phone, I spend most of my time on social media. My favourite apps are Snapchat and Instagram due to the fact I enjoy being able to view photos more than anything else. I rarely go on websites unless I’m on my laptop, which is very infrequent. In general, I prefer social media apps to sites for four different reasons…


App-solutely: For Gen Z, mobile apps like Snapchat are the preferred content source

1. Community feeling. The people you follow – and who follow you – are able to get to know you. On Twitter, followers get to know what you’re thinking and learn a bit about you while on Instagram people can see what your life is like. I like the fact this gives you a window into people’s day-to-day, especially celebrities. You are able to comment your thoughts on people photos and even private message them, which leads me onto my next point…

2. Interaction. On websites you’re not able to interact with people as easily or – in some cases – at all. The main reason why I – and nearly everyone I know – love social apps is due to the social side. You’re able to find and talk to people who have the same interests as you. Interaction is easy on social media and can be safe, depending on which one you use. For example on Snapchat you talk via photos, which ensures you’re talking to the person you think you’re talking to as they have to take a photo which is often of their face.

3. Apps. They just make everything easier. Your account is already logged in meaning there’s no hassle when clicking onto it, which makes it more practical than websites. Apps also notify you when you receive something like a message on Facebook, while you can also turn on notifications for certain people to make sure you don’t miss anything they post. With websites, you often miss important things.

4. Feed. On social media, you follow the people and brands you want to, meaning your feed is only full of what you are interested in. On websites, the feed is full of everything, so you have to scroll through to find something you like. This wastes time and is not enjoyable – it’s boring and even if the site has something you like it can be impossible to find. It doesn’t make sense to scroll through all of that. With social apps, I choose my feed and that’s what I want.

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