Generation X: Meet the Power Punks

Who are Generation X?

Demographically, they sit between Millennials and Boomers; the youngest are in their 40s and the oldest are in their late 50s. They were the first kids to grow up on music videos, and are sometimes known as the MTV generation. They hold the majority of C-suite roles, and are also leading the charge on start-ups (55% of start-ups in the US and Canada are from Gen X).

They’ve passed their rebellious nature onto their children, for every Gen Z schoolchild striking, there’s a Gen X parent at home encouraging them. They may have had analogue childhoods, but as adults they’re just as tech-literate as the digital natives born years later. You might know them as Gen X, but at WGSN, we know them as the Power Punks. 

In true Generation X style, they’ve been busy, quietly collecting power in all aspects of their lives. Club Gen X includes more CEOs than any other cohort, so naturally their financial power is set to overtake their Boomer parents. When they are not in the boardroom, they are at the centre of the home, holding power of influence over their Boomer parents and their Gen Z children. 

Now, they are at the top of their league, perfectly positioned with wide-spanning influence, money and resources, but they’re still being forgotten by brands.

What can brands learn from Gen X?

Recent years have seen marketing campaigns perfectly engineered for Millennials, awash with pastel pinks and Instagrammable experiences. Gen Z have more cult beauty brands than the 1990s had cult classics, and Boomers have, well, Facebook. But Generation X are still being overshadowed by their neighbouring cohorts, craving brand activations that cater to their specific needs.

Misconceptions such as “they live offline” will stand between your brand and their spending power. Remember, they started their careers in the peak of the ‘dot-com’ boom; they’re constantly working on email or sharing on social across multiple devices. Their homes are smarter than ever, with technology integrated into every corner and they’ve got Gen Z around to keep them informed of the newest innovations. Additionally, hectic lifestyles mean the majority of their spending takes place online. They want streamlined processes that save time, not just while shopping, but across their entire lifestyle.

For detailed insight on what drives Generation X, download our newest white paper: Meet the Power Punks.

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