G-Star S/S 13 Campaign: The Art of Raw
By Samuel Trotman

G-Star delivers its groundbreaking S/S 13 campaign: The Art of Raw, featuring a animated video showcasing the denim manufacturing process.

Feb 20, 2013


Earlier this year we previewed G-Star’s S/S 13 campaign: The Art of Raw that was showcased during BBB F/W 13. This month, the brand releases its full multimedia campaign that captures the Dutch brand’s core RAW concept, using unexpected combinations including their iconic Skeleton Dog, as well as an artist collaboration with electronic dance music producer Skrillex.

G-Star’s fascination with raw denim and its unlimited possibilities is the core concept behind the brands innovation in denim design. Each season in G-Star’s atelier, the designers are constantly seeking to pioneer new construction techniques, fabric treatments and denim creations through their experimentation with the RAW art series. Their exploration of raw denim has most famously lead them to create innovative concepts like 3-D denim that has revolutionised the denim industry. For S/S 13 G-Star celebrate this innovative thinking with their campaign: The Art of Raw featuring the Skeleton Dog as the season’s icon.

The campaign centrepiece is an CGI video showcasing the denim manufacturing process in the most detailed view ever seen. From cotton to yarn, from the dying process to weaving the warp and weft, each process is important in creating a qualitative denim fabric. The video was created to showcase G-Star’s passion of this beautiful fabric and demonstrates their “exploration for new denim horizons.” Accompanying the Art of RAW video is a custom created track by electronic dance music producer Skrillex featuring his signature sound as what he describes as “a mixture of dubstep, electro-house and fidget.”

Head over to the G-Star website to explore the full The Art of Raw campaign as well as browse through the new S/S 13 collection.

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