The future of wellness: what’s next?


Wellness – where did it come from? Why is it important? You may think that wellness is another “made up” buzz-word that seems to have appeared from nowhere, but is seemingly, everywhere.

However, the wellness trend has been bubbling up for years. In fact, here at WGSN we’ve been tracking it since 2005. If you think that because you work in an industry not obviously associated with health or exercise that wellness doesn’t affect you, think again. Wellness has never been so all-encompassing: from fashion, electronics, beauty, materials, the list goes on; it’s time to sit up and take action, as the wellness movement is here and it’s not going anywhere.

But what does it really mean? We sat down with some wellness know-it-all’s to discover what all the fuss is about. First up, Jasmine Hemsley, wellness expert and author of book-of-the-moment “East by West”; inspired by ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda. We spoke to Jasmine about what wellness means to her.

“In one word? Balance. We all want to sign up for total mind body balance. For me this doesn’t mean sweating it out in the weights room on Monday, followed by yoga on Tuesday, whilst on a restrictive diet. Instead I want to find my flow, to feel steady, no extreme highs and lows, to operate on the truth of everyday rather than letting past experiences influence my state of body and mind. I can only do this if I can hear the messages my body is telling me, so in a busy life, full of stimuli this means making time to get still and making an effort to slow down. Ayurveda gives me these tools through meditation, yoga and the framework of it’s 5000 year old healing system. I’m better equipped physically and mentally to navigate the natural ups and downs of life. In my book East by West, I wanted to make mind-body balance accessible in the food we eat, and promote the idea that everything from how, what and when we eat can improve our sense of wellbeing.”


Fitness expert and bestselling author Alice Liveing describes her top tip for achieving a well-balanced lifestyle to is find that very thing – balance. “It’s important to not get bogged down with wellness. It means completely different things to different people so for some it could be eating more vegetables, and for others it could be incorporating daily meditation. Either way, it’s important to acknowledge that there is no right or wrong when it comes to what wellness means to you, and for this reason make changes to your lifestyle as you see sustainable and realistic, and not because you feel pressured to do so.”


Rebekah Hall, Founder of functional drinks brand Botanic Lab, explained to us why wellness is so important for brands of any industry: “Wellness has in some way penetrated all aspects of our life as consumers and therefore if brands don’t pay attention they are going to get left behind.  The landscape has changed considerably in 10 years regarding how brands communicate with customers and what they communicate about.  In an age of information, our target audience is hungrier than ever to know where our products come from, how were they made, what will they do for me.”

Rebekah Hall

But the question on everyone’s lips, where is wellness going? Jasmine described this in two fold, “[Firstly] tech is obviously driving a whole new world in wellness. For those working hard and playing hard, it has given tools in the form of wearable tech and smartphones to help identify, educate and benchmark what good, bad or average health looks like. How many steps did you do today? What are your sleep patterns, how deeply are you breathing?

[Secondly] for everyone else (myself included) I hope we start to embrace a more holistic method and understand that health care is a daily affair. A cumulative effect of a series of small lifestyle switches and seeing the value in looking after ourselves and others. Respecting the seasons, the weather, listening to our bodies and taking a few steps back to go forward when it’s trying to tell you it needs some time out! Incorporating nature’s medicine cabinet of herbs and spices and incorporating and sharing traditional wisdom and feeling empowered to know ourselves, enjoying this ‘east by west’ moment where modern science is beginning to be able to support the eastern philosophies for a holistic approach to living that looks after our mind, body and spirit.”


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