FUCT – 20 Years of Nonconformism
By Samuel Trotman

Stylesight takes a look through the pages of FUCT’s 20th anniversary book.

Jul 22, 2014


Earlier this month, Stylesight’s youth team received a copy of  Erik Brunetti’s FUCT 20th anniversary book. While the book was released last year, the stunning content of the book made the post more than worth while. Here we take a look at some unseen imagery from the brands past twenty years.

Erik Brunetti defined rebelliousness for the Generation X of skate boarders and street wear consumers, through unconventional and often controversial designs and ad campaigns released under his brand name FUCT.

Beginning in the early 1990s, FUCT became to many the archetype of American counterculture, laying the groundwork and establishing the norm for subversive t-shirts. Recognised as one of the innovators of West Coast streetwear and attitude, the brand established itself with its painstakingly hand-drawn, DIY-looking, yet sophisticated renderings of popular iconography; its now defunct FUCT parody of the Ford logo being one of its most iconic designs that help etch a permanent place for the brand in pop-culture history. This attempt to transform the established social order and its structure of power, authority, and hierachy would be the launch pad for a twenty-plus-year run of subversive thinking through referential approach to art and design still stays strong across the globe to this day.

To celebrate the brands extensive archive, Rizolli presents a definitive account of Erik Brunetti’s FUCT. The book is beautifully crafted with 240 full colour pages enclosed by a hardback cover and features a comprehensive exploration of the brand’s products and advertising, as well as Erik Brunetti’s artwork, sketches, and films that continue to inspire and inform the brand. Essays from cultural commentators Aaron Rose and Gary Warnett are accompanied by an introduction by Brunetti, which provides an insightful recollection of FUCTs provocative attitude.

If you slept on it the first time, you can pick up a copy here. For now check out some more of the content from the book below:

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