Fuck Yeah Menswear – “Requiem for a Denimhead”
By Samuel Trotman

A bit of fun for Friday courtesy of the guys at Fuck Yeah Menswear. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this hilarious video speaks on the denimhead’s obsession.

Nov 09, 2012


Time for some Friday fun! This video was sent to us earlier today; it was uploaded yesterday by the guys at Fuck Yeah Menswear in New York, who celebrated their book launch last night. The video is called “Requiem for a Denimhead” and is a giggle at the trials of a denim addiction narrated by…Morgan Freeman?

The question on our lips: Is that really Morgan Freeman’s voice?! Wow, we’re impressed.

Fuck Yeah Menswear – Requiem for a Denimhead from Fuck Yeah Menswear on Vimeo.

  • Great video, good find, cant wait to check out the book

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