Friday Video: Naked & Famous
By Samuel Trotman

Neon Films went to visit Naked & Famous denim and created this lovely video.

Sep 06, 2013


So I think all our readers are pretty familiar with Naked & Famous by now. We’ve been blogging about them for a few years and actually met them at their first ever trade show, Bread & Butter, many moons ago (2008? we can’t even remember now!)

Lots of you who visit trade shows will know that Brandon Svarc and Bahzad Trinos are a familiar presence at almost every seasonal show from Paris to Vegas and work pretty damn hard to earn their living selling jeans. You’ll also know that each season, they’ll have thought of a pretty crazy new fabric to craft their 5 -pocket raw denims from. They’re proudly fabric designers more than fashion designers and stick to a simple few, well-crafted jean styles, letting the innovative fabrics shine (sometimes quite literally!)

So if you don’t already know them, it would surprise us! However, this video, artfully made by Neon Films really does capture the spirit of the brand, the guys and their unique, playful and experimental denim brand in all its quirkiness and is worth the watch, whether you know the brand or not. Enjoy and happy Friday.

Naked & Famous Denim – The World’s Most Innovative Jeans from Neon Films on Vimeo.

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