Forget perfection – laid-back, honest living is what’s on trend now

The one consistent trend we’ve seen in the seven years since I founded Loaf is the shift towards honest, laid-back living. We’re fans of perfectly imperfect and easy-going interiors. It’s okay if sometimes you don’t make the bed in the morning or you kick your shoes off next to the sofa – this relaxed lifestyle has become synonymous with what we do. It’s our mission to make laid-back furniture for people to put their feet up and lead happier, more relaxed lives.

This ethos runs through all of our photography and styling. There’ll be an open book on the arm of a sofa, a cup of tea on the side and maybe a half-eaten buttered crumpet at the kitchen table. It’s realistic, obtainable and unintimidating.

More of us are knocking down the walls in favour of open plan living so the boundaries between formal rooms and defined spaces have become blurred. This call for flexibility is seen in how we’re using and furnishing our rooms too. Open plan living/dining/kitchen setups accommodate our busy, multitasking lives more easily. This is especially true of those compact London homes that need to work their hardest in terms of function, looks and comfort.

Home should be the place where you put your feet up and switch off. Embrace schlepping clothes (the kit that’s bordering on pyjamas but you can still pop to the corner shop in!) and pick out furniture that makes you feel comfy and happy. Crushed linen sheets are great because they don’t need ironing and you can pop them straight from the dryer onto the bed. Reclaimed timbers work really well with this laid-back look, plus their characterful nicks and knocks just get better with age. But it’s loosely upholstered and insanely comfy sofas that are the ultimate loafing machines.

People ask me where I get inspiration and as I travel a fair amount, I pick it up all over. It can be anything from an antique French bed at a Parisian flea market or a cool, retro sofa in a Berlin hotel room. I also turn to Spanish Architectural Digest, Pinterest and architect Vincent van Duysen for inspiration in creating a nice looking, feel-good lifestyle.   

For me, laid-back living with the occasional unmade bed means a less up-tight approach to our homes. It’s allowing ourselves to be more honest, open and, dare I say, happy.

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Forget perfection - laid-back, honest living is what's on trend now

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