Food and the sharing economy in Barcelona meeting Millennial demands

We’re no strangers to discussing the sharing economy culture here at WGSN, as the world is changing, with Millennials demanding that their spaces offer more (to cater for work, play and anything else they want) and provide value for money. As a result we’re seeing global business models change and adapt to incorporate this evolution. Barcelona has seen a few establishments that emerged from this concept lately, with an aim to share the resources needed for the startup businesses and new entrepreneurs.

Coco Coffice, located in the up-and-coming Sant Antoni neighbourhood, is a cross between a coffeehouse and an office, where an hourly price is paid for a quiet working space, unlimited coffee and snacks. Price packages with varying hours are also available for those who wish to frequent the place. It is a useful concept for digital nomad workers, who don’t want to commit to the conventional co-working office space, or those who have a changing schedule and need a quiet working space less regularly to use at their own pace.

And as additional value for money, Coco Coffice also offers weekly workshops such as how to boost your Instagram account, public speaking like a pro, and how to learn illustration skills as well as providing a place for pitching start-up ideas, adding value to the communities of entrepreneurs and freelancers who frequent the space. The consumers who use CocoCOFFICE are completely varied, as they may be local residents simply needing a quiet place to be productive outside of home, or travellers visiting the city who are looking for a temporary office space during their trips. The decorative details of the space provide a unique environment that feels cozy and welcoming, unlike a conventional office space.

Another business based on this concept of sharing is Honey-B, a “co-baking” bakery, where various independent bakers share the space to produce baked goods and sell their products at the shop area in the front. Currently there are three bakers sharing the space, providing a variety of baked goods, from traditional bagels, gluten-free pastries to Japanese mochi. In age where the price of getting a workplace or office space can be the first hurdle for entrepreneurs, this concept is a welcome arrival. It also helps entrepreneurs by providing camaraderie and dissipating the loneliness that comes from leaving traditional office life and going solo.

Similarly, Coocció provides a shared commercial kitchen space with the latest equipment for professionals, who may need a quiet environment to experiment in and be creative, or a spacious kitchen for special catering events.  An in-house consultancy for start-up food business is also available to nurture and grow all aspects of food business through its guidance.


In an economy where individual entrepreneurs often struggle to create a profitable business base, these ideas provide shared resources to minimise the operating costs and leverage the expert know hows, allowing for small businesses and “nomad” entrepreneurs to benefit from them.

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