Flared jeans: how they came back in fashion and a shop-floor favourite
By Carlene Thomas Bailey

From high-waist to light-washed denim, WGSN Instock data reveals that the 1970s rocker chic item is back and the success story of the season.

Nov 17, 2015

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If the only memories you have of flared denim are from the 70s it’s time to change your perspective.

Despite Penny Lane in Almost Famous making bell bottom jeans cool, they disappeared shortly after that decade ditched in favour of skinny jeans and bootcut shapes- but worry not,  the classic shape, is back.


Thanks to the recent catwalk offerings flares have been given a revamp, with wide-legged and high-waisted options ruling. And now this trend for flares has taken over the high street and proved to be a hit.

According to WGSN Instock November data- flares are the retail success story of the season. Here’s three things you need to know about must-have item:

1. Impacted by the popularity of 1970s folk trend  – creating an appetite for blanket wraps and faux fur-trimmed waistcoats, consumers are looking to flares as their jean of choice to complete the look.

The denim works well with the earthy colour palettes of chocolate, tobacco and wine, helping consumers play with proportions.

2.Flared denim rose a whopping 5.8 percentage points year-on-year, holding a markdown mix of just 24 %

3. Flared jeans are here to stay and for A/W 16/17 the cropped-flare fit will evolve into a smartened and slimmer bootcut shape. So buy accordingly, you’re welcome!

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Flared jeans: how they came back in fashion and a shop-floor favourite

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