Five things you know if you’re doing Christmas In July

For journalists and retailers, Christmas In July is an important time of year: editors get to preview the all-important festive ranges and decide what will make their edit, while retailers are keen to ensure coverage of their products in the run-up to their biggest selling time. But if you’re new to the industry or not in this bubble, the whole thing sounds bizarre – and with good reason. Here are five things you’ll only know if you’re doing the #ChristmasInJuly circuit.

1. It’s always the hottest time of the year

Without fail, Christmas In July kicks off during a heatwave. It doesn’t matter exactly when the previews start, because this changes every time, but they will always fall on the hottest day of the year. You could book your holidays by it – but you can’t, because you need to be at work, covering Christmas In July.

2. You’ll be eating turkey, and sprouts

Everyone around you will be in shorts, summer dresses and sunglasses, and after work you’ll probably be heading to a park or a beer garden. But during your working day, you’ll be sampling warming Christmas food, from new twists on turkey to sprouts and pigs in blankets. It’s incongruous.

3. After a while, you’ll associate Christmas with July

You get used to it. And then you’ll begin to associate Christmas not just with December, but with summer too. You might even get a taste for mulled wine and hot chocolate, and start craving it in late June. This will make no sense to you or to anyone you talk to about it.

4. You’ll swap tips with everyone you meet

Halfway through the circuit, you’ll start to be greeted with “How many do you have on today?” On busy days, there can be 20 or more events, and journalists will start swapping highlights with each other to work out where should be a priority: “This one’s doing sprout juice” or “That one’s got a huge grotto with a Santa who raps.”

5. You’ll end up with a lot of Christmas selfies

One of the current trends for #ChristmasInJuly events is the selfie set-up. Whether it’s a simple photo booth or a more elaborate stage with props and actors, there will probably be a photo opportunity. And you’re going to ice a lot of biscuits, too, and try a lot of festive cocktails. We complain about it, but we love Christmas In July; the festive spirit always wins out, even in boiling hot conditions.

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– Sarah Housley

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