Five things I learnt from setting up an Instagram shopping website

Entrepreneur (and former Grazia Digital Editor) Jessica Vince saw a gap in the market and two months ago she launched her online shop DRESSR, offering consumers the chance to shop celebrity style on Instagram, in real time.

Since setting up the site, she’s learnt what it takes to create an online fashion destination in a highly evolving digital space.

Here are her words of wisdom:
1. People want an Instagram personal shopper

Fact: We’re addicted to our phones. And whether we like to admit it or not, Instagram is a huge part of our lives, but because of that, the digital space can be overwhelming. That’s where I come in, with my curated feed of the clothes you want from Instagram. On my website DRESSR, I offer a personal handpicked selection of celebrities’ key looks for that day, week or month, bringing the items straight to the consumer.


2. Consumers want to shop instantly

We see it, we want it. Through setting up DRESSR, I’ve learned that consumers want fashion on tap and a curated edit. So I go through the key celebrity feeds and pick out the best looks. There’s a huge demand for what Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung wear. Before Instagram, consumers would flick through a magazine to see the stars’ outfits, but this New Gen get their inspiration from Instagram and expect to be able to click to buy. On DRESSR, I find out where the pieces are from, get the direct shopping links, and find more affordable high street options for our users.

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3. Instagram is at the heart of fashion now

The app has gone from being a tech tool, to a fashion tool. It’s where you find your next investment piece as well as the new restaurant everyone’s talking about. It’s the place where you see Chanel’s latest show first or get a glimpse of Karlie Kloss’ new shoes. We don’t look to the red carpet for fashion inspiration now, we look to Instagram. Because of the intimacy of the app, it’s removed the distance between celebrities and consumers so their lives and their outfits feel more attainable.


4. Carving a niche is key

When I was looking to launch a business, I looked at my strengths and worked from there, so my knowledge of fashion and celebrity style. My first step was to look at competitors and research websites that are doing something similar to my idea because there’s no point copying someone else. The success of LiketoKnow.it proves there is a huge demand for shopping Instagram style, but that focuses on influential blogger style so I knew there was a gap in the market for DRESSR.


5.  The digital space moves so quickly- I adapt with it.
The thing about working in the digital space is that it’s always evolving. A new app could launch tomorrow which could change the whole game, so you have to be willing to move with the times. My site has been up and running for just two months, but I built a key Instagram following before launch day to get an idea of interest and perfect the tone of voice and style. Now I’m already looking at the next step, such as creating exclusive content with Instagram influencers and developing the site to be more trend focused.
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