Five reasons why Etsy’s December pop-up store is a brilliant move for the brand

Selling gifts that offer something extra special, homemade and unique is Etsy’s USP. But also, when you think of the brand, you immediately think ‘online marketplace’, a digital craft one-stop shop.

Well this month Etsy is turning that idea on its head with a brick and mortar store in central London for the holiday season, and pop-up’s across the UK.

Here are five reasons why this move to offer Etsy Made Local events will be a guaranteed success for the brand:


1. Sensory experiences matter

As consumers we still love to touch, see and smell the products we are about to invest in. In fact numerous reports have been done on this, how in the age of digital the magic of a good in-store retail shopping experience is one that appeals to all five senses. In 2014, Glade, the fragrance retailer even launched a pop-up with a sensory focus to reflect that. These Etsy pop-up’s do a similar thing, appealing to the customers need for a more tactile shopping experience.

2. Attract new sellers

The beauty of Etsy is that its business model depends on both sellers and customers. An event like this brick and mortar store is the perfect chance for people to speak to the sellers, find out how easy it is to set up an account and then do it for themselves- boosting Etsy’s seller sign up rate.

3. Increase footfall

Etsy is a digital first brand but this store offers them a chance to meet the consumer, gauge how effective a permanent store might be and get instant consumer feedback. It’s also a chance to reach the UK consumer, as the Etsy local events this holiday season also extend to locations outside of London, with pop-ups in Glasgow, Bristol, Leeds and beyond.

4. Bring Christmas shopping offline

While consumers did engage heavily with Cyber Monday; this year and looking forward to forecasts for 2017/ 2018 there is a growing consumer demand for engaging off-line, to combat society’s growing dependence on technology. The store and pop-up branches let you power down digital tools and go outside.

5. Extend brand awareness

The Etsy community is strong but every brand knows the importance of attracting new customers and these offline stores will entice passersby and people who might not normally engage with the brand.

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