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WGSN curation: Introducing The Trend Feed

Our editors around the world are constantly searching for, building and shaping the trends that help form our content. For the first time, we're giving you firsthand insight into this process. Introducing, The Trend Feed.

India 2020: WGSN x Amazon Fashion India

This August saw the first WGSN Trend Talk launched in collaboration with Amazon Fashion India. The partnership breeds a valuable opportunity in sharing trend forecasts and market research with a wider audience.

Gen Z

WGSN white paper: Take a look at The Gen Z Equation

After pouring over transcripts, interviewing dozens more teens, and locking themselves away for days, the experts at WGSN Insight proposed the “Gen Z equation”, a WGSN white paper that breaks down this deeply divided generation.

HOMI 2018

HOMI 2018: The best of Italian interiors

Last week, WGSN experts hosted talks at the HOMI interiors trade show - here are four suppliers that caught our eye. WGSN's Chloe Jerrard reports.

Getty Images 2018 trends: WGSN saw them coming

Getty Images have published a prediction of the three key visual trends for 2018. Here at WGSN - we saw them coming. WGSN's Alice Gividen reports.

How to be an agile brand in the face of deglobalisation?

Agility in times of uncertainty could be the theme for businesses in 2017. The backlash against globalisation coming from the US, UK and parts of Europe has led businesses to question how to approach an already challenging global market.

Futures NY: 4 strategic questions that brands should ask to guarantee success in 2018

Are you planning your 2018 business goals? Whether you are an established brand or a start-up, these valuable questions will help guarantee success.

What should brands do when consumers don’t fit into boxes anymore?

The process of understanding and defining consumers is changing: people don’t fit neatly into demographic boxes any more.

The Luxury Conundrum: Addressing Exclusivity in the Age of Inclusivity

The perception of luxury has changed and there’s no going back. How can luxury brands navigate this new consumer mindset? WGSN reports

Digital assistants, the evolution of voice recognition and what it means for brands

Are consumers ready to speak exclusively to machines? And how are companies preparing for this societal shift? WGSN explores.

3 main challenges that keep execs up at night

Fear of irrelevance is what keep brand leaders up at night. When it comes to innovation, we identified the three main challenges for the fashion industry. WGSN's Director of Brand and Proposition, Ilaria Pasquinelli, reports.

Puppies, beer and sex: The new face of fitness

Fitness dogs, beer yoga and speed dating while you sweat: workouts are evolving. Moving away from restrictive ideas to more fun-fuelled activities