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Digital assistants, the evolution of voice recognition and what it means for brands

Are consumers ready to speak exclusively to machines? And how are companies preparing for this societal shift? WGSN explores.

3 main challenges that keep execs up at night

Fear of irrelevance is what keep brand leaders up at night. When it comes to innovation, we identified the three main challenges for the fashion industry. WGSN's Director of Brand and Proposition, Ilaria Pasquinelli, reports.

Puppies, beer and sex: The new face of fitness

Fitness dogs, beer yoga and speed dating while you sweat: workouts are evolving. Moving away from restrictive ideas to more fun-fuelled activities

Behind the Scenes: The Magic and the Maths of Trend Forecasting

WGSN's Emily Spiegel reveals the difference between macro and micro trends, as well as the formula we use to spotlight the trends of tomorrow.

How is a trend born and what does it mean for your business strategy?

Interested in how trend forecasting can help your business? Our new white paper explores how WGSN forecasts the macro trends that impact key industries.

Fidget spinners: how a trend is born

Fidget spinners, they became the toy of the summer, but just how does a trend come to be? We explore the process here at WGSN.

WGSN Futures Hong Kong is Almost Here- Don’t Miss It

WGSN Futures is heading to Hong Kong this month, we'll be discussing the future of fashion: business, tech and the chinese consumer. WGSN Insider reports.

Yoox Net-A-Porter tech hub

Yoox Net-A-Porter opens London tech hub

Yoox Net-A-Porter Group (YNAP) has opened a Tech Hub in London’s White City, “reaffirming its commitment to London and investment in the UK” - WGSN reports

The Age of Artificial Intelligence in Retail: Customer Privacy and Other Ethical Dilemmas

We dig into the ethical dilemmas that will accompany the mass rise of AI, analysing how it will impact retailers and consumers. WGSN's Petah Marian reports

supreme brick

#ICYMI DAY 25: The Supreme Brick

Our WGSN editors reflect on the must-see moments & coolest concepts of 2016. Today we discuss how streetwear brand Supreme had the weirdest product for sale

#ICYMI DAY 24: Black Mirror and the rise of tech TV

Our WGSN editors reflect on the must-see moments and coolest concepts of 2016. Today we discuss how our digital future dominated TV in 2016.

MDM Flow: the new beauty brand

#ICYMI DAY 23: Beauty brand MDMFlow

Our WGSN editors reflect on the must-see moments and coolest concepts of 2016. Today we celebrate the young entrepreneur changing the beauty game