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Somerset House Perfume Exhibition: Scent takes centre stage

A new major exhibition at Somerset House opens up the secretive world of modern perfumery.

Top 5: New global spa & wellness retreats 2017

Self care and wellness have never been more important and a new wave of hotels are offering up wellness retreats for consumers to switch off and destress.

Beauty Pie changing the beauty industry

Get to know the new names disrupting the beauty industry

Beauty consumers are changing the way they interact with brands. As the beauty industry changes accordingly, enter the new wave of beauty disruptors.

L’Oréal agrees to sell The Body Shop to Brazil’s Natura for €1bn

Does The Body Shop have a new owner? In short, yes. Brazil's Natura which manufactures & markets beauty product is set to take ownership of the iconic brand. WGSN's Nigel Taylor reports

Barry M angel Laura - beauty influencer

Barry M: How the cosmetics brand uses social media to stand out from the crowd

Barry M, has created a stand out beauty business, with products that dazzle their youthful target audience and aim to be good for the environment.

Creative Minds, Business Brains: Terry de Gunzburg

WGSN's Global Chief Content Officer Carla Buzasi interviews beauty guru Terry de Gunzburg about her business nous and the future of beauty.

Beauty 2020

WGSN White Paper: Beauty in the Year 2020

Beauty 2020: Our WGSN Beauty team unveil the key trends that will dominate the beauty industry in the year 2020 (and yes re-fillable make up is coming)

Beauty pick-me-ups to revive you post fashion month

The Beauty-Full Week: Post fashion month pick-me-ups

If you have survived all four weeks & all four cities, then firstly, congrats! Secondly, please enjoy these beauty saviours that will revive your tired eyes

This hair dye changes colour according to how hot you feel

The latest beauty innovation from THE UNSEEN is a game-changing hair dye, which keeps changing colour throughout the day, according to air temperature.

London Fashion Week Beauty Looks to Try ASAP

Looking for the next big beauty trends? Live from the backstage area at London Fashion Week our beauty editors got the lowdown.

Paris beauty boutiques

The Beauty-Full Week: Where to get your beauty fix in Paris

Looking for the coolest new beauty boutiques to check out on your next trip to Paris? Here's a handy guide. WGSN reports

Benefit Cosmetics’ new brow translator wants to track your feelings

As retailers become more clued up about what emotions influence consumers to shop, Benefit has launched a tech-based brow emotions translator. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports.