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Amazon Body Labs

Amazon Body Labs buy could be fashion fit game-changer

Amazon has now acquired Body Labs, a startup that makes 3D body-imaging software. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports on this retail news.

Top 3 Advantages of Being an Older Athlete

Being active is not just for Millennials, at WGSN we've been tracking the growing boom of the older athlete. Jessica Harman reports

Why everyone should try crystal bed therapy at least once

Wellness is changing as Eastern medicine & alternative healing are on the rise. In addition to downloading that meditation app, try some crystal bed therapy

Get High on Your Own Supply with Katie & Lauren of HigherDOSE

No yoga mat and no weights needed. The latest wellness centre in New York City wants you to use your own endorphins to help you heal.

Sneaker Cleaning: How Fresh Are Your Kicks!?

For the consumer active footwear is on the rise & shoe care is very important. So it's no wonder cleaning products for sneakers have increased dramatically

Fitness brands turn to Instagram

Sidewalk chalkboards, fitness brands and Instagram marketing

In our Instagram age, fitness brands are using sidewalk chalkboard signs as an extension of their marketing strategy & to build an online/offline community

Puppies, beer and sex: The new face of fitness

Fitness dogs, beer yoga and speed dating while you sweat: workouts are evolving. Moving away from restrictive ideas to more fun-fuelled activities

hosiery socks

Hosiery and the Gucci effect: The retail resurgence of socks

Novelty socks are increasing their in-store presence this summer to inject a sense of whimsical fun to formalwear. WGSN reports

Outdoor Friedrichshafen: How Outdoor Brands are Leading the Sustainability Conversation

In Friedrichshafen WGSN discovers how Patagonia and adidas TERREX are demonstrating how corporate responsibility can lead marketing and innovation.

Going to Space Camp with Tom Sachs and NikeCraft

The launch of the new NikeCraft Mars Yard 2.0 sneaker is here. WGSN goes to "space" to get the scoop on the most coveted shoe this summer.

Kendall Jenner: New Face of Adidas Originals

Supermodel Kendall Jenner adds to her brands by signing up as the new face of sports giant Adidas. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports.

Health, Fitness and Wellness: Heritage retailers want you to work out in store

The Saks Fifth Avenue Wellery concept is the latest retailer to offer a wellness and fitness aspect to its flagship offering. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports