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5 minutes with health and fitness blogger Cat Meffan

WGSN Active Director Clare Varga caught up with fitness blogger Cat Meffan to talk about yoga, headstands and new active trends.

From me to we: Making the wellness industry less virtuous

Alain Sylvain, CEO & founder, Sylvain Labs explains why the wellness industry is being made over to make it less exclusive and righteous.

a gift for nature lovers

WGSN Alternative Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Day Five

Nature lovers? Looking for a suitable gift? We've found a product that supports the oceans and reduces waste. WGSN reports

PARK balls soccer initiative to help kids

WGSN Alternative Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Day Two

Love football? Well, one social enterprise project called PARK balls is using the game for good, and it's a worthy holiday project to support this year.

Sneaker brands are creating bespoken campaigns that embrace raw materials

Sneaker brands are producing more artistic campaigns that showcase texture, softness, raw materials and play over performance. WGSN reports

The Evolution of Wellness: Things are Getting Real

The wellness movement has evolved from a picture perfect industry to a more fun, inclusive approach. WGSN's Greer Hughes reports on this shift.

Rihanna's Fenty Puma collection is a success with female consumers

Rihanna gives big boost to Puma as more women buy into the brand

Fenty Puma is flying off the shelves and making a huge impact with the female consumer. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports on the activewear growth.

Active brands creating cool consumer experiences

How active brands are using experiences to engage consumers

WGSN's Active team recently headed to Los Angeles to see how active brands are curating one of a kind experiences to engage their consumers.

Amazon Body Labs

Amazon Body Labs buy could be fashion fit game-changer

Amazon has now acquired Body Labs, a startup that makes 3D body-imaging software. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports on this retail news.

Top 3 Advantages of Being an Older Athlete

Being active is not just for Millennials, at WGSN we've been tracking the growing boom of the older athlete. Jessica Harman reports

Why everyone should try crystal bed therapy at least once

Wellness is changing as Eastern medicine & alternative healing are on the rise. In addition to downloading that meditation app, try some crystal bed therapy

Get High on Your Own Supply with Katie & Lauren of HigherDOSE

No yoga mat and no weights needed. The latest wellness centre in New York City wants you to use your own endorphins to help you heal.