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Katungulu Mwendwa fashion brand

The Future of Fashion in Africa

In February 2020, just before coronavirus put a stop to events and travel, I had the fortune of attending Design Indaba in Cape Town, South …

Creating Tomorrow: every design will matter post-Covid-19

The question many of us are asking ourselves right now is not how do we cope in a lockdown, but how will we cope afterwards? What will a post-Covid-19 world look like to those in the multiple creative industries which create consumer products?

Creating Tomorrow: I need a new plan (and so do you)

We are reimagining what consumers will want, what brands can and should create, and how we will live in a post-Covid-19 world. It’s time to plan for a new future.

Creating Tomorrow: what your customer expects from you this year

How will people shop this year and what will they expect from retailers? The Shopper Forecast 2020 reveals new customer priorities and profiles, and explores the strategies set to impact business across all industries.

Latino designer/creative Anthony McDowell shows his love of creating one of a kind pieces

Creating Tomorrow: what will change your business in 2022?

Uncertainty and concern over the climate, civil society and the economic outlook dominate the macroeconomic landscape. As reacting to these concerns becomes business-critical, we look at the drivers causing the change, and business opportunities for 2022.

Yves Saint Laurent Pop-Up

Beauty Directions for 2020

As we move into the new decade, consumer needs are changing, leaning toward natural products and brands who can offer eco credentials and give …

Creating Tomorrow: how retailers can survive in the new decade

Find out how the two very different trends of activism retail and mindful retail will impact your brand in the 2020s

Clean beauty or tweakment in the beauty industry

Creating Tomorrow: clean beauty, tweakment, or both?

We fill our bathroom shelves with vegan, 'clean' beauty products, but think nothing of expensive 'tweakments' after work – how consumers are polarising the beauty industry.

Retail Futures: Browns Fashion heads to Berlin

Browns Fashion continues to double down on its retail efforts with the third iteration of Browns Nomad opening in Berlin. WGSN's Alice Gividen reports

WGSN + Coloro: Key Colours A/W 21/22

Colour has never been more important in design than now. In a period of peak information and diminishing attention spans, it is your best …

Highlights from the wonderful world of Tim Walker’s new V&A exhibition

Wonderful Things, the latest exhibition at London’s V&A museum, offers an immersive look at the fantastical work of British photographer Tim Walker, and includes …

How to avoid brand blunders in China

International brands in China run a real risk of cultural missteps, and the ramifications can be severe. Athena Chen, WGSN’s Senior Editor for Asia …