Fashion With A Kick
By Clare Varga

Fashion continues to take on the activewear market with the launch of Net-a-Sporter and with Karlie Kloss as the new face of Nike Women.

Jul 11, 2014


It seems like the fashion meets fitness movement is just a normal part of life these days, and just when you thought it was fully here, it got a serious kick in the pants–Net-a-Sporter launched Wednesday. Having been rumored for quite sometime, the online retail giant Net-a-Porter launched its own separate branch of the site covering sport specifically.

Focusing on a wide variety of sport categories, the site features brands such as Monreal London, Live the Process and Nike; while mixing in fashion brands like Burberry Brit. Also built into the site, is one of the things that Net-a-Porter does best–a community. From features on hot items to a social media presence utilizing the hashtag #netasporter, consumers are invited into this new world.

Also gaining a lot of attention from female fans, is the new campaign for Nike featuring the lovable Karlie Kloss. Showing up around New York City in the brands’ gear, paired with her new campaign for Nike Women has people taking note. In a recent interview with NY Mag, Kloss says, “Nikes are not only some of the most functional athletic footwear in the world, but they’re incredibly chic. Nike does a really great job marrying fashion with fitness and innovation,” also commenting on the amount of fashion collaborations in the market now.

We couldn’t be more excited to see the rise of active continue to gain momentum, and in such a big way. More labels are announcing daily they will be adding activewear to collections, and even recently announced a plan to enter the game. All of this only makes more room for smaller brands to be seen and heard, and more access to stylish gear for the masses.

-Erin Mintun

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