Fashion blooming in China: meet the new breed of showrooms
By WGSN Insider

Filling a gap in the market, 3 new showrooms have been founded in Shanghai, bringing huge benefits to the retail industry. WGSN Womenswear Assistant Jennifer Zhang reports

Nov 09, 2015

Showroom Shanghai, MODE, Ontimeshow

At the recent Shanghai Fashion Week, a new breed of multi-label showrooms cropped up. Some are operating on the scale of a small tradeshow dealing solely with Chinese brands, while others are catering to both domestic and international designer labels. Here’s the main three you need to know:

Ontimeshow is a Shanghai-based trade show, which acts as an intermediary connecting fashion brands to buyers, agents, and distributors across the fashion industry. They have created a burgeoning marketplace for people who want to make links with potential partners and experiment with test markets without breaking the bank. Designers include: Angel Chen, Yiratian, Helen Lee, Museum of Friendship, Arete, Methodology, Sin’s Suit, O.Yang, Yao Zhang

MODE, organised by Shanghai Fashion Week Committee, features 400 brands and 22 showrooms majoring in the Chinese market, and some international brands from the UK, Denmark, Spain and Korea too. Designers include: DFO, Dengta Showroom, Fusionco, Kate Zhou, K-soul, Shangjie Loft, Mi showroom, New Union, Project Crossover Showroom, TUCHENG, TUDOO, VDS showroom, Weare, WH, YIVVAN

Showroom Shanghai’s focus is on independent fashion brands, providing more opportunity for international buyers to discover them. Since its inception, the sleek and professional look of the showroom has had a positive impact on the way the Chinese fashion industry is perceived globally, allowing it to make a further progress in the international market. Designers include: C.J.YAO, WMWM, L’AMITIÉ, House Of V, BANXIAOXUE, CONTENT, Jade en Plus, Annakiki, Black Spoon, Comme Moi

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