Eurobest 2017: The brand checklist your company needs to thrive

Eurobest 2017: Brand Checklist

Eurobest 2017:

If you haven’t heard of Eurobest, the easiest way to think of it is as Cannes Lions’ cool little sister brand. It is packed with younger, keener creatives, who are filled with enthusiasm and passionate about the fact that design can save the world. Needlessly to say it’s one of the more inspiring conferences to attend. And this year, the three day festival was held in London and the talks were all focused on one thing: making your brand better. So, whether you are an agency, a huge corporate brand or a little start-up, there was something to help you improve and thrive.

So what did we learn after three full days of talks? That you need to have a brand checklist to thrive, and if you can’t tick off the points below, you’re in trouble.

1. Have a brand voice

What does your brand voice sound like? If you can’t immediately define it you are in trouble. As Jo McCrostie from Global explained we are moving into a screen less future, and so if your brand voice is not loud and out there, you need to be worried.

But the idea of a brand voice isn’t just limited to sound, it also links in with your brand values. What are your values, and how are you communicating them? We saw from Facebook how it is challenging hate speech through a project with young creatives, exploring how design can encourage kinder behaviours online.

Eurobest also held a panel called Podcasting: The Final Frontier, looking at why brands should be investing in podcasts, namely because consumers of podcasts are active listeners, it’s not like radio, just on in the background while you wash the dishes or catch up with a friend. Podcasts are particularly useful if you specialise in a niche product/area and want to engage with a global community on the topic.

2. Hire better, diversity matters

If you look around the room at your employees and they all look the same, you are in trouble. As Colin Byrne from Weber Shandwick explained you can’t get a bunch of people from the same elite school in a room and expect creative thinking.

And since creatives are the future according to research from Oxford University: “the jobs least likely to be automated are those that require the skills of creative intelligence”, you need to hire a diverse group of creative thinkers. A talk from ThisAbility showcased how businesses could be so much better by tapping into the wider pool of creative disabled talent. While the Thrifty Creativity interactive session hosted by Born N Bread, showed the value of hiring cool, young, talent from a range of backgrounds because they have a plethora of ideas and they can make them happen immediately.

3. Embrace the digital future

As a brand what is your digital strategy? And how are you implementing it? That was a key question that came from the festival. Vertical video is on the rise, and so if you are still making horizontal video beware. Facebook showcased how their Creative Hub helps brands digitally target their consumers more effectively with the right formats, from slideshows to video (pro tip: in areas across the world where mobile connectivity is low slideshows perform better than video).

While Lindsay Herbert from IBM and author of ‘Digital Transformation: Build Your Organization’s Future for the Innovation Age’- explored how a good digital strategy can improve the planet, from addressing pollution to the accessibility of art and culture for all.


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