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The term ‘entrepreneurship’ can seem daunting and difficult to broach, particularly in the early stages of your career. To tackle those preconcieved notions, WGSN’s Lava Fataka headed to Bumble Bizz’s London-based event, ‘The truth about entrepreneurship’.  The event brought female founders together to share their stories to becoming entrepreneurs, from Naomi Mdudu, Founder & CEO of The Lifestyle Edit, to Melissa Hemsley of Hemsley + Hemsley and Semaine co-founder Georgina Harding.


Here are the key lessons we learned – and we’ve linked them back to key WGSN reports.

Learning in Entrepreneurship:

You learn through actions- the more you do, the more you learn. (Naomi Mdudu).

Entrepreneurship is a journey – you develop and grow with everyone around you. Ensure you have a personal development or yourself and your team to inherit a growth culture. Question yourself always – what are you learning or developing now? (Georgina Harding).

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Dealing with stress:

Stress is contagious. To get over stress, remind yourself of positive affirmation. (Melissa Hemsley).

I’m a recovering perfectionist – be reflective, as you cannot be good at everything all the time, be honest with yourself and take action on areas where you can do better. (Melissa Hemsley).

Be kind to yourself, stress less as you’ve been brave already. Don’t give yourself a hard time. (Melissa Hemsley).

Always think about the end game but don’t miss out on the journey. Celebrate the highs and lows, don’t just wait for the extreme moments, celebrate the small achievements. (Georgina Harding).

In giving to others, you’ll give something back to yourself. Volunteer or do charity work, it will help you to gain some awareness, appreciate where you are or help if you feel that you’re burning out. (Naomi Mdudu & Melissa Hemsley).

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Work/life balance:

Give yourself working hours & set boundaries. Don’t wait until you burn out, tackle it before it gets to you. (Naomi Mdudu).

Not everything has to happen tomorrow, establish the must-haves vs the nice-to-do and learn to prioritise. (Melissa Hemsley).

Don’t forget the biggest asset is yourself. What is the worst that can happen? There is always the option to back track to what you were doing before. You can leap back into your previous career, as you’ll have that life experience garnered from being an entrepreneur. (Naomi Mdudu).

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Building a brand: 

Founders get stuck in technician & management mode – you cannot be both. Be future thinking and have a sustainable focus on future of your business. Don’t be the arms and legs – be the brains. (Georgina Harding).

Because you started a path, don’t have to stick with it. As you grow, the definition of success grows. (Naomi Mdudu). 

Your business grows as a result of serving your customers – create before you consume. (Naomi Mdudu).

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Some books & podcast inspirations from the panelists:

Zero to 1 by Peter Thiel

How I built this with Guy Raz. By NPR.

Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss

Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle Laporte


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