‘Every Thing We’ve Heard’: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

If you’ve been on Twitter during the three recent presidential debates, or been active on any type of social media since the election campaign started for the new US President, you can’t have failed to notice the buzz around this election.

Paula Zuccotti's photo series: Everything We've Heard

Paula Zuccotti’s photo series: Everything We’ve Heard

Well, now one documentary maker and former trend forecaster, Paula Zuccotti, has turned all the tweets, GIFs, memes, trending election topics and even Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit and Donald Trump’s ‘build a wall’ statement into a new series of photographs.

Zuccotti is no stranger to documenting personal things. Last year she released her acclaimed book, Everything We Touch, which examined the consumer relationship with products, i.e. what products we touch, use and interact with the most daily. What could have been a sterile look at a selection of products became a touching personal expose of people’s daily lives and what they felt was ‘really important’.

Paula Zuccotti's photo series: Everything We've Heard - Donald Trump

And now Paula is turning her project and her microscopic attention to the upcoming election, with a new series of photographs.

Intrigued by the topics that have captured people’s attention the most with regards to their public personas, Paula says that she “looked for visual clues from the hottest stories to reflect upon how we are experiencing this campaign: the polarising views and slogans; the passion and anger; the allegations and leaks; the outrage and mundane events that inspired the best memes; the prying Q&As found on the web – is their hair real?, are they ill?, what do they eat?, what do they read?, how do they unwind?…”

The result is a sharp and aware look at the presidential candidates as portrayed by the viewers, readers and in some cases potential voters who will be casting their vote for one of them, come November 8th.


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