Eight women truly inspiring pre-millennials
By Carla Buzasi

They’ve got disposable income and love media but have their own mind. So who’s inspiring pre-millennial women? These eight, says WGSN Global Chief Content Officer Carla Buzasi

Jul 23, 2015


They don’t want to be Tanya Burr, but they love YouTube. They want advice but know their own minds. So who is influencing pre-millennial women? For British women, these are the eight making the biggest impact…

Deliciously Ella

1. Deliciously Ella: Inspiring a generation of women to choose kale over chocolate at the checkout.


2. Sali Hughes: Guardian beauty columnist and author of Pretty Honest. Best bob in the business with a perfectly rouged cheek that’s not turned by stupidly priced products.

Caroline Hirons

3. Caroline Hirons: Skincare expert who breaks through the bullshit.

Sasha WIlkins

4. Liberty London Girl: Foodie fashion editor. As likely to turn you on to an amazing place to buy heritage tomatoes as prompt the purchase of a new pair of shoes.

Garance Dore

5. Garance Dore: Impeccably dressed fashion photographer, illustrator and brand collaborator.


6. Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley: Probably the reason you’ve got a spiralizer in your kitchen.

Rachel Brathen

7. Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl: Aruba-living, Swedish-born yoga teacher who coined the much-used hashtag #yogaeverydamnday.


8. Lauren Laverne: DJ, broadcaster, columnist and now, as co-founder of The Pool, internet entrepreneur.


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Eight women truly inspiring pre-millennials
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