Edwin Nashville with Thomas Appleton
By Samuel Trotman

Edwin-Europe presents the second in a series of short films, this time tapping British stonemason Thomas Appleton.

Oct 11, 2013


Edwin-Europe presents the second in a series of short films documenting individuals from all walks of life in their preferred Edwin cut.

The latest offering by the renowned denim brand taps Thomas Appleton, a trained stonemason wearing Edwin’s Nashville jean. The film focuses on Appleton’s ancient craft of letter carving and stonemasonry, showcasing theĀ age-old skills and tools that haven’t changed since Roman times. Striving to keep the heritage of his craft alive in England, Appleton finds a contemporary application to working with stone and a accessible way for people to relate to it. His style of carving words that are often seen as slang, disposable or not worthy of setting in stone both comment and celebrate modern life.

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