Ecru New York’s Acacia Line Boasts Skincare-Perfect Ingredients for the Hair Category
By Theresa Yee

Acacia: a super-sap infused line of products for a new level of hair rejuvenation from Ecru New York.

Nov 25, 2013


Each season, a new super fruit or plant starts trending, promising to help beautifiers turn back the clock: to soften lines and wrinkles, make the face more youthful, take ravaged skin and give it a Death Becomes Her kind of rejuvenation. Brands are bringing skincare ingredients into the hair category — the “skinification” of haircare.

The newest natural miracle skincare-popular essence that continues to trend is tree sap. Ecru’s latest line of haircare products employ the latest sap-bearing-tree-du-jour: the Acacia Seyal tree. Native to Africa, the tree produces a natural gummy sap in its bark and pods that works miracles in skincare. The result is moisture and moisture retention, a substance that seeks out dry areas and fills it with wonderful supple collagen. A shampoo and conditioner ($25) and BB cream balm ($30) promises to help give unruly and damaged tresses a 180-degree kind of revival.

The entire Ecru New York Acacia line is paraben-free and color-safe for tress-revival without excess chemicals.

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