Top 4 Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts for Kids (Easter Eggs Included)

Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts- decorate your own eggs

Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts

Think Easter and immediately for me it brings up memories of dyeing egg shells in Crayola colours, eating an obscene amount of candy, and running around the yard scooping up plastic eggs full of treats, that was my childhood Easter. Nowadays, environmental friendly holidays are sought out by more and more families wanting to leave less of an imprint on the Earth after the holiday season.

For kidswear, we are starting to see brands expand on this idea with the likes of low-tech items including stacked toys, eco-friendly egg dying kits, non-toxic temporary tattoos and some seasonal spring apparel. Looking for the ultimate eco-friendly easter gift now? The options are endless.


Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts for PLAY

First up is Tattyoo with their kid and adult friendly party bunny tattoos which echo our S/S 18 Youth Tonic Forecast (subscribers CLICK HERE). All Tattyoo tattoos are printed in the USA with FDA and EC certified vegetable-based ingredients which feeds perfectly into eco-friendly fun. Temp tattoos are simple and removable for your little art-loving child.


Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts to WEAR

The brand Kid & Kind creates playful gender-neutral clothing, and now boasts some spring inspired gear with kid-sketched chicks and flower blooms aplenty. Everything is printed on 100% organic cotton.

Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts- Kid and Kind clothing

Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts- Kid and Kind clothing

Kid & Kind


Eco Friendly Gifts to help you CREATE

A personal favourite of mine is the Eco-Eggs colouring kit which uses natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts to create vibrant coloured eggs. Growing up I used everything from glitter to neon dyes and oil-like paints, which probably shouldn’t have been nibbled on as much as they were! You can mix and match all of the dyes to create custom colours made with gardenia flower, curcumin, annatto seeds, beets, red cabbage, and purple sweet potato.


Eco Friendly Gifts for LAUGH AND LEARN

Simple wooden toys tie into our Kids Forecast reports (subscribers CLICK HERE) as we expect to see this trend to continue into A/W 17/18 as hands-on-play becomes an important tool for learning.  Made from natural, unvarnished beech wood and hand-painted features, this has low-impact on the environment and can be handed down for generations

Perfectly Smitten Wooden Toys

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