Donwan the Draftsman
By Samuel Trotman

Donwan Harrell hand-draws some beautiful military and denim jackets.

Feb 01, 2013


I don’t think anyone is in doubt of the multi-talented Donwan Harrell of PRPS. He is an inspirational designer, laundry alchemist, innovator, and famous muscle car collector. We’ve seen some of his sketches before and knew he could draw, but wow, we’ve just seen these gorgeous pieces on the Denimology site and were blown away!

Harrell produces some of his designs on raw denim with an antique quill pen and also  renders depictions with a fine-point Sharpie onto Vietnam issue M65 jacket stories that he collects from Vietnam veterans. The images are arresting and sometimes disturbing; they depict the realities of going to war. We did some searching and found some other images over at and Truly inspirational work.

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