5 DIY denim brands you need to know for 2016
By Lourdes Linares

Doodles, graffiti spray, anti-slogans: these terms are nothing new when it comes to customising denim, but 2016 has kicked this denim trend into full-drive.

Jun 03, 2016

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Customised DIY denim has never been cooler

Remember the days when you would doodle on your school binders, converse sneakers and backpacks?

Those days may seem far gone, but that very idea of putting your personal touch on something whether it be apparel or school supplies is clearly at the forefront in fashion today. And while true denim enthusiasts might say we have seen almost every type of denim customisation trend-slash-mini-artwork come full circle in the denim world, customisation is back, and back with a bang this year.


Demna Gvasalia’s sneakers courtesy of vogue.com

The idea to rebel against the norm by adding rebellious-inspired fonts and anti-slogans, seems to be the easiest way for the anti-culture movements in bygone eras and those today to make a bold statement through clothing, and denim has been a perfect canvas for this time and time again. Complex Magazine has even dubbed this the ‘cheapest trend’ to replicate on denim.

Fast forward to today, brands such as Kanye West’s TLOP line and designer of the moment Demna Gvasalia customising his own converse sneakers refreshes the DIY (do it yourself) denim trend, and it just works.

This trend continues to gain momentum among various labels and designers, here are some of our favourite global brands doing their thing in the DIY-slash-mini-artwork realm:

Raised by Champions – New York



C2H4– Los Angeles

WGSN-DIYDenim-Blog_015 WGSN-DIYDenim-Blog_016

Eris Black– Spain



Hi Mum I’m Dead– Australia



Kanye West- The Life of Pablo– New York, Los Angeles




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5 DIY denim brands you need to know for 2016

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