Design is the Destination: Get to know our new interiors series
By Carla Buzasi

WGSN Chief Content Officer Carla Buzasi indulges her passion for interiors and travel with a look at the design trends shaping the destinations where we escape the 9-5.

Feb 01, 2016

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Accommodation is the destination is a phrase we’ve been using at WGSN for some time, as travellers shape their trips around a particular hotel or retreat rather than country or city. For interiors aficionados, however, there’s a small but rapidly growing cluster of hotels where, more than the food, the shopping, or the location, it’s the interior design that’s the real destination.


Hotel Henriette, Paris

As someone who adores travelling, with interiors coming a not-far-off second on the list of things that make me happy (love, family, etc, is on another list. Maybe call this the professional list) mashing the two together into an excuse to hang out in lovely places and max out the storage on my iPhone in the name of tracking trends, seems like a pretty good way to spend a weekend.


Hotel Baccarat, Nice

And it’s with good cause. When it comes to interior trends, hotels are more often than not the trendsetters, not just when it comes to our homes, but in retail spaces and restaurants, too.


Hotel Henriette, Paris

Think of the big interiors trends we’ve seen in the past five years – Scandi, mid-century modern, vintage – all pioneered in the hotel space and then filtered far and wide across our stores, restaurants and into the home.


Hotel Bikini, Berlin

With this in mind, throughout 2016, I’ll be shining the light on the design and interiors trends popping up at hotels both at home, in the UK, and abroad, from old classics to new-to-the-party upstarts.

A well-dressed hotel room isn’t any longer an extra benefit; it’s becoming the reason to travel.


Want more Instagram inspo and interior trends that predict the future of design (as well as looking good on Pinterest)? Join WGSN.


Design is the Destination: Get to know our new interiors series

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