Denim: The uniform of the rebellious
By Dio Kurazawa

Fashion is always a reflection of the social and political times, this latest denim movement proves that. WGSN’s Denim Director Dio Kurazawa reports

Feb 11, 2016


Fashion is an interesting beast; it is often discarded by some detractors as simply ‘clothes’, something to cover our backs. But fashion is actually much more than that. It can tell you so much about the decade you are in and the decades that have come before you. The 90s with its slip dresses, grunge and hip-hop aesthetic, instantly takes you back to the era of Kurt Cobain, the Clinton era of hope in America, the Bad Boy music days and youth rebellion. That’s what I love about fashion, its ability to say so much about the political and social world at the time.

So when it came to writing an indepth report on WGSN about a new denim movement that is a direct result of all that is happening now in our times, it came pretty easily to me. The trend to put it simply is all about armed rebellion, and the rise of engaged twitter politics and how Gen Z are committed to marching for a better tomorrow.  And that doesn’t just mean saying- ‘hey guys, denim is the uniform of rebellion’, it goes further, it’s about deconstructing the clothes just as much as our social times. The movement is reflected in the fashion, it shows how intricate denim is,  it is not just blue, these pieces are really high-performance actionwear. The clothes reflect the fact that we’re moving beyond this whole Athleisure yoga, jogger jeans lifestyle into something real that peeps can get their head around!

There is a lifestyle movement and shift in society that’s worth standing up for. Black Lives Matter, Occupy LA, NY, Chicago and Anti Capitalist Demonstrations are emotion filled movements with demonstrators laced in hoodies, cargos, layered knits and bombers and of course mug covering face ornaments used by protestors so they can’t be identified by their mothers who are at home watching TV screens.

Yeezy, Fear of God, Maharishi Craig Green, Stone Island are all brands creating the new wave denim pieces to reflect this, and what is exciting is that these brands have moved beyond or chosen to ignore this Athleisure sport filled lifestyle to stand for something real. Whether you are marching for change or just looking for clothes that are high luxury but also high on functional performance, it’s time to usher in a new evolved and meaningful era of denim that makes sense and supports the movement and feeling of today!

Bye bye Athleisure, what up Action Wear!

For the full seven page report on Armed Rebellion, the new functional performance denim and the kimono-like styling, join WGSN.

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