Denim Providers Celebrate Earth Day 2012

Here at Stylesight, we’re very keen on  pushing eco denim initiatives, and seeing as this Sunday is Earth Day, we’re highlighting two events going on to mark the day from a denim perspective.

First off we have GNTherapy, an amazing brand we discovered at February’s Project Las Vegas trade show. GN Therapy‘s mission is to create wash techniques that do not effect the environment, but rather use Mother Nature for natural laundering. The “Eco Aged” jeans are buried in the ground of various locations around America. The “Mason Dixon” wash captures the North’s climate of snow and wet weather, while the “Valley” combines West Coast water with sand and dirt. The “Mohave Desert” wash has a unique rough and dry heat look.

They are celebrating Earth day by heading to Dallas where the weather is humid, hot and prone to storms, and the iconic area that has spawned Cowboys,  Mavericks, Rangers and of course JR & Sue Ellen! GNTherapy will set up shop for the next 6 months and make Dallas home to its E.A.B (Eco-Aging Bed™), buried beneath the Earth’s surface to create their one-off laundered look.

They are being sponsored by Wood Shock (w-shock.com) and Boxed Water is Better, (boxedwaterisbetter.com) – both hip eco-friendly brands.

Over at the Cone Denim camp, the legendary American mill and innovator of eco technology is celebrating by showing it’s latest wash development in the Sustainblue™ fabric collection. Sustainblue™ utilizes fibers like Tencel and EarthSpun weft yarns (read more about this in our eco report, details below) and this season they are dressing up the natural fabrics with iron oxide dyes.

Iron oxides are found in nature and are widely used in pigments. The talented team at Wonderland Concepts dyed Cone’s garments in earthy shades of yellow, pink, blue and brown. See thier wash development in the pictures below or check them out at the Denim by Premiere Vision show in May.

We recently published a 25 page report, highlighting all the key initiatives, processes and technology currently being developed across the world at mills, laundries and with key brands. If you’re a subscriber, we recommend you check it out!

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