Denim Inspiration: Cory Piehowicz
By Samuel Trotman

Cory Piehowicz is an American photographer who is responsible for many inspirational denim shoots and lookbooks.

Jun 07, 2013


We were over on the Denim Hunters blog the other day and found a gem of a photographer we wanted to share with you. Cory Piehowicz is an American photographer who is responsible for many inspirational denim shoots and lookbooks you might already be very familiar with. He has worked for Mister Freedom and Rising Sun, to name a few. His work reminds us of Kapital photographer Eric Kvatek and Edwin lens Sam Christmas, as both have a very distinctive style.

Denim Hunters interviewed him about his work as a photographer, his interest in historical clothing, his relationship with denim “miners” and authors Mike and Charla Harris (of Jeans of the Old West: A History) and his relationship with some of the more authentic denim names out there. He talks about some of his most memorable shoots, his most prized denim pieces and his favorite brands and fits. Alongside collecting denim, Cory has also amassed a hefty collection of vintage worker and workwear photography that he is currently in the process of making into a book. And he also mentions that Mike and Charla Harris will be releasing a second book this fall called American Overalls — first we’ve heard about that! Exciting!

He’s also in the process of putting together an exhibition for the upcoming Denim Bruin Event in San Francisco with fellow photographer Farhad Samari. Check out the whole interview here, it’s really worth a read.

Also take a look at his blog and his website. There are some awesome documentary portraits of real workers out in the fields that are worth the click.

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