Denim for dirt bikes: Chrome Industries new denim line
By Lourdes Linares

The utility cycling apparel brand launches seriously tough denim pieces that are worth investing in.

May 23, 2016

2 min
Chrome Industries durable denim

San Fransisco based label Chrome Industries is known for manufacturing messenger bags, backpacks, utility cycling apparel and footwear, but now you can add denim apparel to that list, seriously tough denim apparel.


We love to see established brands tapping into denim, whatever category of product it may be that they are producing, the love for denim lives on. This latest product launch from Chrome Industries proves that.

Functionality, utility and durability is what comes to mind when you think of the products Chrome Industries are known for, and their latest 3-piece denim collection is no different.

The Wyatt Collection is designed to survive whatever you throw at it and is tough as hell as the label describes it. The label teamed up with the legendary purveyors of denim at Cone Mills to create the toughest, strongest denim pieces you’ll ever own. The utilization of Dyneema—an extremely strong fiber used in bulletproof vests and combat gear is woven with the denim increasing abrasion and wear resistance making it less likely to blow out at the knee area and other sensitive areas on jeans.

The collection consists of a 5-pocket jean, work shirt and a chore coat.









The collection is available now at the brands website Chrome Industries.

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