Denham releases short film ‘The Truth is in the Details‘
By Samuel Trotman

Internationally renowned denim brand Denham the Jeanmaker release a short documentary highlighting the process behind their celebrated jeans.

Oct 12, 2016

4 min

Its not often that a good denim documentary comes around, so we were particularly excited when news of a new Denham movie landed in our inboxes this week. Following former video releases ‘The Jeanmaker’ and ‘Denham Psycho’, the Amsterdam-based brand with the scissor-logo unveils its latest effort, ‘The Truth is in the Details’.

This short film directed by Hugo Keijzer unveils the truth behind founder Jason Denham’s infamous jean making. Jason has dedicated his life to crafting the perfect jeans. Like a Michelin-star chef he hand picks his ingredients – harnesses groundbreaking techniques – minutely studies tradition – but most of all obsesses over the tiniest of details.

In this short documentary you will follow his quest for the right balance in honouring tradition, while destroying conventions. The documentary also highlights Denham’s partnership with the Candiani mill in Italy, creating jeans with fiber mixes including cotton, Tencel and Modal, delivering extra-softness and high stretch recovery.

Other highlights include Jason’s in depth discussions on how the brand takes natural worn-in patterns to recreate the signs of time and the imperfections reliably, emphasizing that there are over 80 different processes to create the patina, the wear effect and the worn-in look in denim. Watchers get insights into the different erosion techniques employed to achieve worn-in, ripped jeans.

You can check out the short film below:

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