Deliciously Stella: Is this the beginning of a wellness backlash?
By Sara McCorquodale

Avocados. Quinoa. #yogaeverydamnday. There’s no denying the popularity of wellness but there’s evidence Instagram is tiring of living clean, reports WGSN Senior Editor Sara McCorquodale…

Jul 23, 2015


Have you had enough of beautifully filtered avocado pictures? Do you feel Instagram has reached its #kale saturation point? Well, you’re not the only one. Breaking news: the wellness backlash may have begun.

The evidence? An instagrammer with a keen talent for satire, Deliciously Stella. Where her inspiration – the mind-blowingly successful wellness blogger Deliciously Ella – posts images of spiralised courgette, Stella shares pics of herself eating donuts/rainbow cake/ribs with a sarcastic #gettheglow. While DE has a distinct air of beautifully constructed reality (hey, who doesn’t on social media?) DS looks like everyone used to look pre-Instagram, pre-wellness fixation: “ooh, a camera! Smiley face!”/slightly hungover.

And it’s kind of amazing – it reminds you of how fun life was before you documented it through an Earlybird filter. Before you desired likes, before you were #clean – when pictures were keepsakes of having a really good laugh, not status symbols of wellth (no, that’s not a typo).

So, if wellness is tipping over into parody territory, what will be the next big trend to be galvanised by Instagram? Hashtags might provide some insight. While #eatclean #fitfam and #wellness remain some of the most used this year, so do #partyhard #partypeople and #craycray, meaning some kind of debauched, documented rebellion could be on the horizon. Because Instagram doesn’t do somewhere in between – it just doesn’t picture well. 

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Deliciously Stella: Is this the beginning of a wellness backlash?
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Oct 20th, 2015

To wit, see the IG account @CuratedReality.

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