Deliciously Stella: Is this the beginning of a wellness backlash?

Have you had enough of beautifully filtered avocado pictures? Do you feel Instagram has reached its #kale saturation point? Well, you’re not the only one. Breaking news: the wellness backlash may have begun.

The evidence? An instagrammer with a keen talent for satire, Deliciously Stella. Where her inspiration – the mind-blowingly successful wellness blogger Deliciously Ella – posts images of spiralised courgette, Stella shares pics of herself eating donuts/rainbow cake/ribs with a sarcastic #gettheglow. While DE has a distinct air of beautifully constructed reality (hey, who doesn’t on social media?) DS looks like everyone used to look pre-Instagram, pre-wellness fixation: “ooh, a camera! Smiley face!”/slightly hungover.

And it’s kind of amazing – it reminds you of how fun life was before you documented it through an Earlybird filter. Before you desired likes, before you were #clean – when pictures were keepsakes of having a really good laugh, not status symbols of wellth (no, that’s not a typo).

So, if wellness is tipping over into parody territory, what will be the next big trend to be galvanised by Instagram? Hashtags might provide some insight. While #eatclean #fitfam and #wellness remain some of the most used this year, so do #partyhard #partypeople and #craycray, meaning some kind of debauched, documented rebellion could be on the horizon. Because Instagram doesn’t do somewhere in between – it just doesn’t picture well. 

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