Defining the new luxury with Nanushka

Inside Nanushka’s Mayfair store

Inside Nanushka’s Mayfair store / Inside Nanushka’s Mayfair store

Sustainability strategies have shifted from optional to imperative for brands and retailers and at WGSN we’ve been tracking how the global luxury industry in particular is restrategising to work towards the health of the planet.

Luxury brands are evolving, more than 75% of 50 major global luxury players are now using environmentally friendly materials, while 75% are looking to reduce packaging, use more renewable energy and cut carbon emissions.

For our Create Tomorrow podcast we caught up with some pioneers in responsible luxury fashion, Sandra Sandor and Peter Baldaszti, life and business partners behind womenswear brand Nanushka..

Sandor established Nanushka in 2005, after attending the London College of Fashion, and over the years the label has made a name for itself through its ardent approach to sustainability, while also being committed to its luxury roots.

Sandra Sandor and Peter Baldaszti, life and business partners behind the luxury womenswear brand Nanushka.

Sandra Sandor and Peter Baldaszti, the duo behind the luxury womenswear brand Nanushka.

Here are some highlights from the conversation:

Comfort vs. expression

“Functionality and practicality will be very very important to everyone. I assume everyone has been comfortably dressed in the past year and people won’t be easily giving up from that comfort, so that will definitely influence fashion, even more. On the other hand, we would love to express ourselves and all aspects of our personality much more than we used to. So that will also bring statement and  boldness to fashion.” – Sandra Sandor, founder and creative director, Nanushka

Sustainability as commodity

“I don’t see sustainability as a competitive advantage for Nanushka, not even in the short term. It’s going to be a commodity. It’s going to be the baseline. You either do it or you will be out of business very soon, either because we destroy our planet, or because your customers will just not buy your products.” – Peter Baldaszti, CEO, Nanushka

Nanushka store, Mayfair, London

Nanushka store, Mayfair, London

Gender Inclusivity

“Our whole approach to fashion is quite universal and very inclusive as well. We’ve introduced our gender-inclusive Symbol collection, and also an eyewear collection which is fully unisex. We really believe in the gender-fluid approach.” – Sandra Sandor

Fashion as lifestyle

“I don’t really see fashion brands can actually be a fashion brand without being a lifestyle brand in the new age of luxury. If you’re a lifestyle brand what actually are you selling? The barrier between lifestyle and fashion is completely fading away. We are all in the lifestyle business because we are selling culture and we are selling values through our products and through our design. Lifestyle is the way you live your life and you live your life through values. If you choose a certain brand you choose it because those values are aligned to your own values. So, we are in the lifestyle business.” – Peter Baldaszti

Listen to hear about the changing consumer relationship with fashion, how the brand delivers truly sustainable solutions, and how the duo have managed the growth of the business while maintaining the family ethos that they’d established from the beginning.

Tune into Episode 25 of the WGSN Create Tomorrow podcast, Defining the new luxury with Nanushka on Anchor, Apple and Spotify.

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