De Montfort University Triumphs: The Future of Lingerie Design
By Anna Glassman

A lingerie design inspired by the eggs of the owl butterfly captures the Triumph International Award.

Mar 27, 2013


For being such stalwarts in the lingerie industry, Triumph International also has an impressive reputation for innovation. Perhaps nothing exemplifies their spirit of creativity more than the Triumph Inspiration Award, an international design competition that showcases the brightest young talent in lingerie design. In this fifth edition of the hallmark competition, the prize was awarded to Sian Whitefoot of De Montfort University, a school known for a fine lingerie program, in its own right.

Building on this year’s theme of Dragons and Butterflies, Whitefoot looked towards a less obvious inspiration – the eggs of the owl butterfly. The result was a mini dress of masterful architecture, sensuously corseted through the bodice and blossoming to suspended waves of lace-encrusted decadence. The ethereal creation vaulted her to the top in the UK finals and then on to Shanghai for the global competition, in which she ultimately captured the prize in front of a distinguished panel of judges that included Franca Sozzani and Matthew Williamson.

The winnings don’t just stop at concept: Triumph will produce limited editions of Whitefoot’s piece to be sold at their stores worldwide. In addition, Whitefoot will collaborate with the brand on a collection that will be displayed at Triumph’s pop-up shop at the next London Fashion Week.

Color us impressed. Congratulations to Sian Whitefoot and all the participants!

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