Darn & Dusted Exhibition
By Samuel Trotman

Last Thursday, Darn & Dusted took over the Edwin Store London to showcase a selection of repaired clothing and fabrics.

May 27, 2014


Last Thursday, Darn & Dusted took over the Edwin Store London to showcase a selection of repaired clothing and fabrics.

Over the past few months Stylesight has been highlighting the growing scene within Europe for traditional artisans and craftsman within the denim market. While Amsterdam is boasting indigo workshops and folky quilt specialists, East London has its own bespoke repair specialist bringing back forgotten mending techniques of bygone era. Working without machines, Luke Deverell of Darn and Dusted offers hand finished repairs using traditional methods and materials.

To celebrate his craftsmanship, Edwin hosted a small exhibition at their Shoreditch store (where Luke also works) showcasing Luke’s growing archive of work. Amongst the selections were his darned repairs on his personal collection of vintage jeans, shirts and aprons as well as his boro/sashiko collaboration with Shackleton bags. The night saw all the Edwin friends and family pass through for what looked like a great night of vintage inspiration and support of a thriving denim scene in London.

All images by James A Grant

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