Custom footwear: Your slippers will never look the same again
By WGSN Insider

Three new brands allow you to custom their styles to look so good you’ll want to wear them outside. WGSN Editor of Footwear & Accessories Dan Bisson reports

Dec 21, 2015

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Customisation is the key word in fashion now, on the high end scale you have Anya Hindmarch and her leather customisable stickers that can personalise any bag, and at high-street level there’s brands like Topshop and Skinny Dip producing emoji stickers and initials for consumers to customise their bags, phones and more.

But footwear has been slower to the trend, until now that is. And thankfully it is actually the piece of footwear that needs innovation the most that is getting it. Slippers have done DIY. No longer is the consumer stuck with boring old, dull options. These three brands are changing the game:



DIY styles are simple but effective when creating a design. Materials, trims and colours allow you to create your own personal style with a customised fit. Japanese brand Fondue has taken this to the next level by providing a moulding pack that allows you to create your own bespoke rubber slippers at home.



This is the Ikea of slippers. The felt slipper arrives flat packed and consumers can use different coloured laces to construct their personal look. You can swap out the laces for different colours and you can change the colour of the felt too.

CP Slippers


This Spanish leather slipper brand lets you buy their range or shop the pattern shape you like, so you can then source the material you want – and make them at home, with your personal spin!

For the full Sumptuous Slippers report, with new designs, shapes, styles visit WGSN.

Custom footwear: Your slippers will never look the same again
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