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Goodbye Colette, Hello Nous

Could new Parisian concept store Nous fill the recently formed Colette-shaped hole in 2018? Fabienne Ayina reports for WGSN Insider.

New York exhibition

#ItemsMoMA: The Future of the Little Black Dress

If there ever was a go-to dress that literally fits every occasion, flatters every figure and makes every woman feel effortlessly elegant, it would be the little black dress. It is the blank canvas of fashion that showcases exactly what a woman wants to feature most: her personality.

food as art

Conceptual cuisine: get to know the artists using food as art

A group of emerging curators and artists are elevating food to a fine art form. Here's who to follow for food that really is too good to eat.

Fashioned from Nature: The V&A exhibition set to explore sustainable fashion. 

As the conversation around sustainable fashion heightens, 'Fashioned from Nature' at the V&A is set to explore the complex relationship between fashion and the natural world.

#NewYearNewMe: Your 2018 motivational playlist is sorted

No matter what goals you are trying to achieve in 2018, you'll need some fabulous tunes to help you push through to the finish line. Enjoy!

Azzedine Alaïa hosts a dress fitting

New collections and retrospectives to drive Alaïa label’s future

Following the death of the designer Azzedine Alaïa, the fashion house announced plans to continue his memory and launch new collections.

3 female focused exhibitions to check out in 2018

From a new Frida Kahlo exhibition that opens in June 2018, to an exhibition that looks at racial identity in Britain, check out these great gallery shows.

Think Thornbury offers a creative workshop

WGSN Alternative Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Day Twenty Four

Think in Melbourne offers up creative workshops and stocks ethical products to buy on site, making it the perfect gift for creative friends.

Sticky Fingers book

Required Reading: Sticky Fingers, the Story of Rolling Stone Magazine

Sticky Fingers is a must-read tale of a magazine that helped to showcase the brilliance of music journalism and the rock stars who inspire us

Anthony Blue

Anthony Blue is definitely a creator to keep an eye out for in 2018

Anthony Blue is a creative who works across mixed media on some of the coolest campaigns that we've seen this year, check him out.

Pitch magazine for creatives

Pitch magazine wants to future-proof creative industry talent

Pitch magazine is working with the new generation of creative talent to ensure that future creative ideas come from a diverse range of backgrounds

Music fans: There’s a new wave of R&B Artists to celebrate in 2018

Guest blogger Poonam Dhuffer curates the new songs you need to be listening to in 2018. Music fans get excited because good R&B is back.