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SXSW: Esther Perel on the future of love and relationships

Esther Perel. The Belgian psychotherapist made waves at SXSW with a packed keynote session on the future of love, lust and listening.

chubby hearts

Chubby Hearts: Look up for Anya Hindmarch’s love letter to London

Londoners need only look up to see love in the air this Valentine's Day, thanks to Anya Hindmarch's Chubby Hearts. WGSN's Alice Gividen reports.


WGSN meets fast-rising African singer, Simi

Simi is gracefully changing stereotypical narratives of African artists, African women and their continent. WGSN's Quentin Humphrey caught up with her.

Quiet Triumphs: Muktar Onifade & his DIY fashion brand

Robin Torres contributes the Quiet Triumphs series for WGSN. Here, we look at Muktar Onifade and his ever growing brand VIZUVLGVDŠ.


VIDEO: #ItemsMoMA: Beyond the exhibit

VIDEO: As 'Items: Is Fashion Modern?', the WGSN-supported exhibition at the MoMA concludes today, we take a look beyond the exhibit

China: Take a look at the world’s most connected consumer

China’s consumers are among the world’s most connected and their browsing device of choice is the smartphone. WGSN's Nigel Taylor reports.

muji hotel

Muji Hotel: Brand expands into hospitality

The opening of Muji's first hotel in China is proof that it's not just higher-end fashion brands that can make an impact on the hospitality trade.

Meet the photographer hiding his subjects from view

Oladimeji ‘Oladimeg’ Odunsi is a visual artist and photographer from Nigeria who now resides in Canada. While Odunsi shoots portraits and creates contents for …

WGSN Shelfie: Winter 2017/18

The ultimate reading list. Four WGSN editors give you some insightful reads that'll help get you through the lengthening days until spring arrives. WGSN Insider reports.


Goodbye Colette, Hello Nous

Could new Parisian concept store Nous fill the recently formed Colette-shaped hole in 2018? Fabienne Ayina reports for WGSN Insider.

New York exhibition

#ItemsMoMA: The Future of the Little Black Dress

If there ever was a go-to dress that literally fits every occasion, flatters every figure and makes every woman feel effortlessly elegant, it would be the little black dress. It is the blank canvas of fashion that showcases exactly what a woman wants to feature most: her personality.

food as art

Conceptual cuisine: get to know the artists using food as art

A group of emerging curators and artists are elevating food to a fine art form. Here's who to follow for food that really is too good to eat.