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cool christmas ideas for this kids charity

WGSN Alternative Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Day Eleven

The unique gifts from this kids charity will be a welcome addition to any holiday stocking this festive season. WGSN reports

3 new fashion books to add to your reading list this autumn

Clear your book shelf. A whole host of new fashion books are coming this autumn that explore the design process and the consumer love of special garments.

Thursday night in London: Retail happenings and social gatherings

Looking for London events? We're rounded up the coolest new retail openings, book launches and more in the busy city. WGSN reports

Living The Dream by Lauren Berry- cover art

Required Reading: Living The Dream by Lauren Berry

Living The Dream: A novel for the Millennial generation, exploring the economic realities of daily life vs hopes and big dreams.

SXSW gets schooled by Marie Kondo on how to tidy up

Marie Kondo heads to SXSW Austin to teach the tech crowd how to tidy up.

Required Reading: How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell

This memoir by New York's bad girl of media is a must-read tale that covers addiction in all forms and offers interesting insight into the world of magazines.

Required Reading: The Sustainable Fashion Handbook

From ethics to aesthetics, and new sustainable fabric frontiers, The Sustainable Fashion Handbook is a must read.