Why everyone should try crystal bed therapy at least once

As health and wellness trends have shifted towards experiences that activate the mind, body and soul, we look to new ways to destress and relax. When I heard about a place called Modrn Sanctuary that offered something called crystal bed therapy, I was instantly intrigued. Through the website I began reading about this type of non-tangible, non-Western healing, promoting spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing. With one click I threw away all my skepticism and booked an appointment. I went in expecting at the very least, a really nice nap. I came out of it feeling a bit high, intensely focused and ready to book my next session.

Lying on a flat bed made out of heated crystals with binaural beats pumping through my ears and perfectly cut crystals hanging over my head, I knew I was in for something I have never experienced before. Manager Edgar Monserrate explained everything that goes on during the session with some people coming out of it on cloud 9, others in tears and others in a wildly euphoric state. In very basic terms, you set your intention (which correlated to a specific Chakra point) and then you lie down on the heated, vibrating mat made of tourmaline and amethyst crystals, put on the headphones and focus.

This carefully arranged room has much more going on than a backdrop to a perfectly positioned Instagram pic. Coloured lights match the vibrational frequency of the chakra colour you set your intention on at the beginning on the session. Mine happened to be the womb chakra to help let go of things from my past and move forward. The 7 perfectly cut Vogel crystals, which by the way, were created by Marcel Vogel who worked at IBM creating the liquid crystal screen we use everyday, was the creator of the precise crystals used in this type of therapy. They shine on and off during the session while the binaural beats put you at a place between sleep and consciousness. For someone who has an incredibly hard time with anything sleep related, about 2 minutes in, I was somehow transported to a dream-like state for the rest of the session. By the time I woke, I couldn’t tell if I had been there all night or only 5 minutes.

Edgar came back to gently get me up and I looked up at him and said, “What on earth did I just experience? I think I was just drugged by crystals.” I walked out feeling like I was on cloud 9 along with an intense warm feeling throughout my womb, which happened to be the Chakra point I chose.  I went on for a full week feeling deeply connected to my intention I set along with a continuous warming sensation in my belly. The effects were incredible.

With the rising life/work stress (do we ever not have our email pinging on our phones any more?), not to mention our rather turbulent global times, this type of self care feels like a necessity. And so, whether you believe in the idea of this therapy or not, I think everyone should try it for a new way to think about healing, consciousness and attunement to your spirit.


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