Creating Tomorrow: What A to B looks like in the future

I wrote last week about what I’ve been buying during the pandemic – a note that mainly focused on socks and wine. Well, it turns out, the rest of the world is thinking slightly more ambitiously when it comes to post-lockdown purchases.

Searches for car sales are up across the US and Europe, in a pattern we saw just after the SARS outbreak as well, with consumers clearly concerned about using public transport as lockdown eases and people head back to work.


In fact, among younger individuals, 85% of those who have never owned a car before are now planning on purchasing a car this year – a trend that’s particularly prevalent in China and India. These stats shouldn’t just be of interest to those in the autos space. The car of the future isn’t just a means of getting from A to B, it’s a whole lifestyle space, which will need to be designed to keep drivers calm, clean, and connected.

“The rest of the world is thinking slightly more ambitiously when it comes to post-lockdown purchases.”

For those of you who’ve been reading my weekly updates for a while now, you might remember that early on during lockdown I mused about how much I like to plan, personally and professionally.

With personal planning somewhat curtailed – I have had to stop myself searching ‘when can we travel abroad again’ on a twice-daily basis – focus has been very much on WGSN planning and, next week, one of those plans comes to fruition with the debut of our new platform, WGSN Food & Drink. I’m really excited about this and cannot wait to share more with you in due course, but in the meantime, you can register here for exclusive first access.


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