Creating Tomorrow: we are all in this together

I thought I was coping well with the enforced lockdown. Turns out, my body and brain are totally out of sync when it comes to dealing with the stress. I woke up on Tuesday with a face covered in cold sores, spots, puffy eyes, the lot. (That’s the real reason my camera has been turned off for all the conference calls since, not the dodgy wifi connection – although that’s certainly not helping my stress levels.)

How are you doing?

A third of the world is now effectively quarantined in its homes, and I don’t care how many apps for at-home yoga I’m recommended, it doesn’t make any of this any easier.

From my conversations with many of you over the past days and weeks, I know that while worries about the health of your friends and family are front and centre, lots of you are just as worried about your jobs and businesses.

I hope with the latter we may be able to help.

History has shown us that at times of great crisis, great innovation can flourish, and I’m convinced that the designers, creators, strategists, marketers, buyers and executives that live within the WGSN community will rise to this challenge like never before.

We know we will emerge into a different world, which means the products and experiences we now set our minds to creating will also have to be different.

We are adapting our analysis, recommendations and advice as a consequence.

There are obviously short-term products that people need now they’re working from home, but there will also be an impact on the things we need and want in the near and mid-term future.

My team in China – where people are back in offices and stores – talk of the ‘new normal’, where trends we’d predicted are accelerated, but new ones are also emerging, and I’m sure that will be exactly the same across the globe.

In beauty, I expect new demands on the health and safety of packaging, while elsewhere a renewed desire to spend time living meaningfully will change perceptions towards brands and businesses.

Now is not a time to be disheartened: it’s a time to take stock and unleash your creative minds.

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