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In the depths of last year’s gloom there was one silver lining. Locked up in our homes, unable to travel, the world’s carbon emissions dropped by “historic levels”, to coin the phrase the newspapers used. They weren’t exaggerating. According to the International Energy Agency, emissions from energy fell by approximately two billion metric tons between 2019 and 2020.

The good news, however, did not last. By December 2020, we were collectively back to the previous year’s emission levels – in fact, they were slightly higher. Design industries, in particular fashion, get a bad rap when it comes to sustainable business practices, which is one of the many reasons that reporting on and advising how creatives can be more responsible, in both how and what they design, has been a cornerstone of WGSN for many years.

While you’ll find sustainable updates across all our reports, the monthly Sustainability Bulletin remains a favourite with our clients and, to that end, this month we’ve given it a refresh to make it more actionable, more insightful and more useful than ever before.

It’s my fundamental belief as the CEO of the business that we have a responsibility to facilitate not only good design, but better design. And by this I mean design that adheres to the principles of the circular design system and has the standards of environmental and social governance built into its core.

I’m lucky that I’m surrounded by a team who is just as passionate as I am on this topic. For this upgraded monthly report, they have been diligently working to leverage our in-house data systems, adding consumer and retail data to support the featured topics within the bulletin, giving you the tools you need to ensure any progress made really works for your customer. This insight is supported by our roster of industry experts, from colour to materials and beyond, who will put the much-needed sustainable change into the context of product design.

Click below to discover more, and please let me know what you think. As your businesses evolve so does ours, and we’re committed to supporting you every step on the journey to a more sustainable future.

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