Crafts Folk: Loren Cronk
By Samuel Trotman

Anthology takes a glimpse into the workspace of Brooklyn denim expert, Loren Cronk.

Mar 22, 2013


US lifestyle and culture magazine, Anthology teams up with Brooklyn denim expert Loren Cronk for the third and last installment of their Craft Folks videos. The Brooklyn-based designer is best known for his industrial approach to denim design, hand-crafting each and every pair of his jeans from start to finish. This short film takes a glimpse into the day in the life of Loren in his atelier and finds out his view on craftsmanship vs. mass manufacturing.

For Loren Cronk, denim is more than just about designing ever-changing silhouettes, rather a hands-on experimental journey with a product. His continual exploration and education of the fabric (since he began his denim-career with Levi’s back in the 90s) has built him a wealth of knowledge and experience that has led him to launch one of New York’s most respected denim ateliers.

Loren spent years studying and perfecting the craft in his apartment in his spare time while continuing work as a consultant before launching his namesake boutique, Loren, which retails his three lines of denim. Filmed inside his studio/shop space in Brooklyn, the video communicates a true reflection of Loren’s passion for the craft and his dedication to the handmade process of making his jeans.

Head over to Anthologies website to view the other two parts — a blacksmith and a group of hat makers — from the article “Timeless Trades” as part of the publications Issue No. 10.

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