Crack the buying code: What’s next for frill seekers?

As the fashion cycle becomes shorter, and major retailers shift from design-led to buying-led structures, knowing the stock and trends to invest in is crucial.

Here at WGSN, we give buyers data-driven content in line with their workflow to support decision-making on the trends to invest, so they can identify opportunities across future seasons.

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The ruffle blouse is a tried-and-tested item throughout fashion history.

A perennial classic across categories, it’s an item that recieves regular updates, rather than being replaced. So what will next season bring?

For the third instalment in our Crack the Buying Code series, we spoke to Francesca Muston, Head of Retail & Product Analysis and Sara Gaspar, Senior Data Analyst about where ruffle blouses are headed next.


Why are we riled up over ruffles?

The presence of ruffles as a design detail is constant across womenswear and girlswear collections, from tops to swimwear. However, pre-summer and S/S seasons see a spike in the trend.

“The appeal of ruffles resides in their flamboyance. They are a dressy design detail that provides space for experimentation and very adventurous detailing,” says Francesca Muston, Head of Retail & Product Analysis WGSN.


When did the ruffle blouse peak?

“The ruffled blouse boomed in both S/S 17 and Pre-fall 17 collections, showing +73% and +72% YoY, and achieving a 16% share of the blouses mix” explains Sara Gaspar, Senior Data Analyst WGSN.


But what’s next?

The rise of Gucci-led maximalism may have propelled the ruffle blouse along, but it’s set to take on a new meaning. Muston explains [that] “the evolution of ruffle is about a softer femininity rather than this kind of exaggerated, outlandish maximalism”.

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